Monday Ramblings

I woke up on Saturday morning to the sound of heavy rain on our old tin roof.  My plans for a mindless day in the garden had to be cancelled.

If only I could have stayed home today because this morning I woke to the most beautiful, warm, sunny Spring day.  Isn't it always the way!  I was rather envious of Merv who arrived at around 8am ready to work in the garden for the morning.  There was just something in the air this morning.  Did you feel it too?

Next on our gardening agenda is planting 2 garden beds full of Dahlias, Zinnias and Daisies.  These should then flower right through Summer...fingers crossed.

Has anyone driven passed Black & Spiro over the last few days?  Did you see the divine, divine, divine pair of vintage concrete Swan pots we have sitting right at the front as you enter our front door?  I am having major problems trying to hold myself back from getting them picked up and delivered to our house.  They came from an old house in South Australia and I will admit that I am in-love!  I really don't think I could stand seeing them go to another home.  I haven't been like this over something in the shop for such a long time!!  I wonder where they will end house or yours?

image 1 - via seboise, image 2 - via pretty stuff, image 3 - via pretty stuff