I will confess when I am not at work I am very much a homebody.  That's not to say I am unadventurous.  It's just that I love being at home.  We don't eat out alot these days and I tend to decline invitations to fancy events.  Some would probably tag me as boring but I just prefer, in my very small amount of spare time, to be at home with my family.  There really is no better place than home in my world.

When I spotted this vintage tear sheet on Full House blog recently it really struck a chord with me because I would love to take a week or two off to spend at home just pottering around the garden and the pool, cooking for my boys and taking some time to really enjoy what it is that we have....time to stop and smell the roses so-to-speak.

I also think that as much as I would like to NOT talk about the slowing economy and as much as I would like to ignore it, it would be remiss of me because the reality is that we are smack bang in the middle of tough times.  Please don't get me wrong, I am not writing this post to try to depress you...quite the opposite.  I am writing this post to try to inspire you.  Tough times shouldn't mean the cancellation of fun but they do make us think a bit differently about how we spend our money.  So here's one way I think we can save on money but not on fun...

With the arrival of Spring here in Australia it's hard not to think about holidays because that's what we all do when the weather gets warmer, we plan holidays.   Instead of thinking about grand plans for an expensive holiday overseas or interstate I think it could be a wonderful idea to think about grand plans for a happy and relaxing holiday at home.  Pretty up the house, add some cushions, get into the garden, read a book, take afternoon naps, cook lovely meals, play scrabble with the family and enjoy what it is that you have because what we all have is really so very much...