An Inspired Day

Earlier this week I posted about my thoughts on inspiration and what inspires me.  I was thrilled to read that a few bloggers were inspired by my thoughts and words. 

I couldn't stop thinking about inspiration this week and not only what inspires me but also about my lack of inspiration at times. 

To say that I have been a little bit uninspired lately would be letting you in on a big secret because in my job I need to be inspired all of the time and I need to be coming up with wonderful, exciting things which are different and unique.  However, it does, at times become very hard to keep on coming up with the goods so-to-speak.  That's when I think I need to step away from my crazy life for a few days and appreciate all the beauty and inspiration around me. 

So this morning I declared this a day of finding some inspiration.  As I was driving to work I saw this beautiful tree cascading pretty pink flowers over the roof of an old run-down shed.  I had never noticed it before and yet I drive passed it every single day.

Then as I was waiting for a truck to arrive with some furniture I was installing into a beautiful old home in New Farm I sat on the front fence and noticed all the Jacaranda trees are starting to flower.

Inspiration really is everywhere.  It's just how you interpret it and apply it to your own life which counts.  As Daryl Wark said earlier this week in response to my post,  find what it is that inspires you and run with it.  Don't follow the pack.  Trends will come and go.  Personal style is eternal. 

And on that note, I will retire for this week.  I am off to find some more inspiration in my garden.