Pip Boydell Debut Exhibition

We are very excited to be presenting the debut exhibition of paintings by Pip Boydell at Black & Spiro which will open on Thursday 3rd November, 2011. 

Pip has aptly named her collection of paintings Treasure.  Whether sitting on a mantel, resting in a vase, hiding in a jewellery box or fluttering by in the breeze;  there are many things of beauty to be found in our every day lives.  Often small and often simple, they are no less things of delicacy and of grace.  To covet, to love and to inspire - these are your own little bits of treasure from your every day.  The works in Treasure capture these beautiful objects from the every day on paper using watercolour paints, pigment inks and gold leaf.

There will be approximately 30 pieces which will be hung in 3 cluster walls at Black & Spiro from the opening night, 3rd November 2011 through to Christmas.

The paintings are to die for.  There are about 10 pieces I am coveting myself and as this is Pip's first exhibition I must say the prices are extremely reasonable. 

If you would like an invitation to attend the opening night at which time we will also be unveiling our 2011 Black & Spiro Christmas windows along with a few other little surprises, please email me - anna@blackandspiro.com.au . We would absolutely love to see you. 

all artworks in above images by pip boydell