Saturday Musings

I find that I am constantly intrigued by the collections of things people have in their homes.  It's so interesting seeing what people surround themselves with.  Home to me is the most important and special place on earth.  Home is where I find solace, rest and happiness and home is where I surround myself with only the things I love.

The more I help people decorate their homes, the more I try to impress upon them that it's not about having the latest and greatest.  It's about filling your home with things you absolutely adore, cherish and hold close to your heart. 

Photographer Oberto Gili's New York home was recently featured on NYSD and to say I was intrigued by his collections is an understatement.

Throughout the article he talks about his idea of home and I was particularly interested in this quote which he said a landscape gardener friend of his once said -

“Unless a home becomes a love affair, it is not a success.” You have to love every single little thing—if it doesn’t have a memory, a story, it doesn’t count.