Newly Natural? Don’t be Afraid of Scissors!

I would like to give a big thanks to Sunshine Abuwi of Natural Sun Shine. She wrote a great article on rocking a TWA (tiny weeny afro), and agreed to letting me share the article on my blog. Read below to see her great variety of style and recommendations.  

Newly Natural? Rocking a TWA? Don’t be Afraid of Scissors! 
Posted by Sunshine Abuwi on September 19, 2011 at 9:00m

"For many a natural, the TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) phase can be the hardest one to get through. The short length and lack of style options leaves many running for the closest wig store, regretting their decision to go natural (so soon), or just down in the dumps feeling not as attractive as they once felt.  I wish to encourage those of you who have found yourself in that position to not be afraid of scissors. For many, the reason they feel sobad with their TWA is because it is just a mound of shapeless, styleless hair sitting on top of your head. I don’t care what texture your hair is, if it is just sitting there with no personality or style, it is bound to get you down. I recommend getting the sides and back tapered to create a style. Transform your blah TWA into a cute cut by shaping it. You would be amazed at how much better your TWA would look of your sides and back were a little faded.

Remember, even as you are growing your hair out, you are still alive! You still have places to go and people to see. Today! You can’tjust allow your hair to sit on top of your head shapeless and lifeless while you look forward to that day when you reach a longer length and then are able to style it. Is your life on hold until that day? Didn’t think so! Enjoy each step of the way . Don’t be on some fast paced race to bra strap length. Because even if you stand at the mirror, tapping your foot, pointing at your watch demanding your hair to grow, it is going to take time. Why not enjoy it and your life even while your hair is growing? Getting a little shape up is a great way to do that! When I grew out my hair in 2009, I always either went to a stylist and got my hair shaped or I manipulated it to look like it was in ashape. Have a look!

I recommend going to barber (because it is less expensive than a salon and they are less likely to try to talk you into relaxing) andasking them to give your hair a little shape. Tell them you do not want a line in the front (unless you do) and that you want the sides and back tapered so your hair has more of a style while you are growing it out. I recommend you go on a week day if possible or first thing on a Saturday morning (to avoid all the men). All of you who have used this method while growing your hairplease post pictures or your two cents on this!" - Sunshine Abuwi, Source