Natural Beauty of the Week - Tremese!

 Q: What is your hair story?  What kind of hair styleshave you rocked, before embracing your natural hair?
 A: I used to be one of those females that would growmy hair a little bit before fall started and the when summer hit, go for ashort look but that was in the mid and late 90's.  So one particulartime back in 2001, I was growing my hair out and I would wear different typesof braided styles (mainly micro braids (human hair straight) to get through thecrazy stages of hair growth.  So I wore braids for 1.5 years.  No onesaw my hair!  I would wear braids anywhere from 6 weeks to 8 weeks. And would take them out on a Friday night and on Saturday a fresh set of braidswere in.

Q: When and why did you decide to start wearing your hairnaturally?
A:  One particular time I took my braids out and leftthem out, instead of my usual routine of putting braids back in.  I hadliterally forgotten what my natural texture was even like. I mean myhair has always been soft and fine. I was just so amazed at mynatural curls and waves.  So I decided to give my natural hair ashot.  I wore my afro big and wild.  I explored cornrows with anafro, two strand twist styles and all.  Now I rock loc's which I have beengrowing since 2007 and this month it will be 4 years.  I also style andcolor my own hair.

Q: Did you have any big fears about going back to yournatural texture?
A: I can say I did not have any fears. I was always the daring odd one evenback in middle school I was that way.  I embrace and love who Iam.  My parents taught us that.  My farther is Cherokee Indianand African American. And on my father’s side there not too many that arealive that are 100% including my grandma who is still living. Mymother has Blackfoot Indian, Japanese and African American. So yeah the textures of hair that comes from that are 3.  I have 3different textures.

Q: What are three products you can't live without fornurturing/styling your hair?
A: I really like the cactus oil I like to use on my scalp after washing myhair with tea tree oil Shampoo.
I also love 100% coconut oil or Brazilian nut oil.  Itis great for a hot oil treatment.
Other than that I don't use many products on my hair at all.

Q: What would you say to someone who's thinking aboutembracing their natural hair, but scared about being rejected in various partsof their lives?
A: Accept and love "yourself" is key.  Once youhave that in your heart, there is nothing to be afraid about. I am amentor/V.P. in the DMV area called True D.I.V.A.S. (Determined, Intelligent, Victorous, Sistas)and Lil Lady D.I.V.A.S. for young girls and young ladies.  I amalways encouraging my ladies to Accept and love themselves.  Andalways remember people are going to judge you with or without is sad but so true.  But once they see your confidence thatreflects from the inside out, they will  either embrace it or they will orcan keep it moving.  You are beautiful and love what God has givenyou!  Besides if you don't think your natural hair is beautiful, howcan anybody else believe it is.  Stay Beautiful!
Adadoligi (Bless In Native American tongue)

Q: How can we keep up with you and your journey i.e. blog,twitter, facebook, fotki, tumblr, personal or professional website?
A: I am on Facebook - Esemertstaytruetou.

Interviewed by Karen Byrd
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