Interview with Charisma Manley

1.  How long have you been natural?
My last perm was in August of 2008. However, I transitioned for nearly two years after.

2.  Why did you go natural?
My inspiration came from many of my close friends going natural in high school. Also, I became a big fan of Kai at, and followed her through her transition. I was so interested to see what my true hair texture looked like and just how long I could grow my hair, so I started my transition in my Junior year of college.

3. Do you have any favorite hair care products?
 I truly don't have any staples. Even three years later, I'm still experimenting with products. I have used and liked SheaMoisture, Kinky Curly, Miss Jessies and Jane Carter.  Also natural products such as coconut oil, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and raw shea butter. I'm still searching for staple products, but in the meantime I'm enjoying experimenting!

4. Do you have any favorite natural styles you want to share?
My go to style is the puff pony tail...quick, simply, easy.

6. Did you do the Big Chop? if so, what was that like?
 I never truly did a big chop. With my last perm in August 2008, I transitioned until 2010 with trims in between. I let go of the last permed ends in June 2010. Even so, that was such a liberating day to finally be free of the perm and able to wear my hair completely natural!

Charisma was photographed and interviewed by photographer Leon Dale. Thank you Leon for sharing this interview and beautiful photos with the Naturally Beautiful Hair Blog.

Leon Dale Photographer.

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